China Business Visa

Business Visa Requirements - NEW REQUIREMENTS Effective 03/24/2023
  • Valid (six months or longer), signed passport with sufficient blank pages for visa, arrival, and departure stamps.
  • Processing fee of $389.90, plus applicable consular fee of $140.00.
  • Completion of ONE application form by clicking here. You MUST answer all the questions fully and complete the application in its entirety, and upload your picture. Once complete, you'll be prompted to download and print application and the QR Code cover page, and sign the application form.
  • Business letter (the company letterhead and address must be from Southern California). Download a sample.
  • An invitation letter from China. Click here for a sample letter/instructions.
  • Declaration of presence here when applying. Click here. Print this form and complete and sign it in blue ink.
  • Color photocopy from front and back of your driver license showing you live within the geographical jurisdiction of China Consulate in Los Angeles.
  • A Flight/travel itinerary showing confirmed hotel reservation (the hotel name and other pertinent information must be showing on the itinerary
  • Allow twenty (20) business days for processing. Please note that due to the current restrictions on number of submissions, additional document requests, or additional inquiries by the consulate the processing time might end up being longer.

Please read carefully
  • Make sure that passport is signed, it has enough blank pages for the visa and for other arrival/departure stamps, and it is valid for longer than six months from when you intended to leave China.
  • We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and cashier's checks. We do not accept personal checks or out of State company checks.
  • All visas are issued by consulates; issuance or processing times are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for delays caused due to additional document requests by the consulates
  • All fees, processing times and requirements are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Add $59.00 for overnight FedEx return. Only one return postage fee will apply for multiple concurrent visa requests.
  • Atlas Services is a convenience service company. Atlas Services, its employees, affiliates, contractors, and subcontractors in no way, expressly or impliedly, make any representations or warranties of any kind, or guarantee the issuance of a visa or the processing times at the consulate. We are not responsible for additional documents requests by the consulate, or rejection or denial of your visa request. All such decisions are made solely and unilaterally by the Chinese Consulate.
  • We are not responsible for consular and administrative errors, delivery companies' delays or misdeliveries, or delays due to weather acclamation. Once processing of a case begins, except for the unused consular fees, no refunds can and will be issued.

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