India Business Visa

Business Visa Requirements . . . Lots of new information, changes and details to follow. PAY PARTICULAR ATTENTION TO "INDIA ADDITIONAL DECLARATION FORM (fourth item below). Always better to call and verify before sending documents to us.
  • Valid (six months or longer), signed passport with sufficient blank pages for any visa stamps.
  • Two recently taken passport-size photos (Photos MUST be without eye glasses).
  • Processing fee of $489.90 (Plus $15.00 for Consulate Direct-to-Applicant FedEx shipping fee) for one year multiple visa and $649.90 (Plus $15.00 for Consulate Direct-to-Applicant FedEx shipping fee) for ten year multiple entry visa.
  • Completion of one application online India Visa Application Online 1-(click on this link, complete and print your application. Do not pay fees online. Make sure to complete the application thoroughly AND TYPE ALL THE INFORMATION. NO HANDWRITING!. If any information is missing on the application, the consulate will reject it and the entire process should be repeated causing substantial delay in processing your application), Each applicant should also complete and submit "India Additional Declaration form and DECLARATION AND UNDERTAKING form."
  • Detailed itinerary of travel.
  • Proof of residency/address (photocopy of Driver License or a utility bill). Applicants must submit a photocopy with proof of residence/address that matches the present address on the visa application exactly. Photocopy of state issued ID (Driver License or ID), major utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage) or a copy of a valid/current lease containing both the landlord and tenant signatures must be submitted. The following items are not accepted: cell phone bill, credit card statement or bank statement. The address cannot include a P.O. box.
  • A company letter. See the sample business letter .
  • Invitation from Indian host business in India inviting the applicant to India. Important: Let your host business in India know the duration of visa you are requesting (i.e. one-year, five-year and ten-year) on the visa application. The same MUST also be stated [identically] on the invitation letter.
  • *NEW: Business applicants must provide a copy of Letter of Incorporation from Indian company.
  • Allow approximately 20 business days for processing.

Please read carefully
  • Add $49 ($65 for Saturday and off-shore destinations) for Fed-Ex return shipping charges (up to three U.S. passports).
  • Unless specifically stated above, all prices are per person and for a single entry visa.
  • Add $95.00 for three days and $145 for the next day rush handling service fees (not applicable to Belarus, Brazil, India, Russia and Ukraine visa cases. PLEASE CALL IN ADVANCE FOR THE RUSH PROCESSING & FEES ON THESE COUNTRIES).
  • Make sure that passport is signed. Passports without signature cannot be processed.
  • We accept all major credit cards, money orders, and cashier's checks. We do not accept personal checks or out of State company checks.
  • Unless it is a rush situation, packages received after 9:00 a.m. will be processed the following business day.
  • All visas are issued by consulates; issuance or processing times are not guaranteed. We are not responsible for delays caused due to additional document requestes by the consulates
  • All fees, processing times and requirements are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Only one return postage fee will apply for multiple visa requests.
  • Atlas Services is a convenience service company. Atlas Services, its employees, affiliates and contractors in no way, expressly or impliedly, make any representations or warranties of any kind, or guarantee the issuance of a visa or the processing time at the consulate.
  • We are not responsible for consular and administrative errors, delivery companies' delays or misdeliveries, or delays due to weather acclamations. Once processing of a case begins, except for the unused consular fees, no refunds can and will be issued.

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